Averda is a leading company in South African waste management and specialists in the following sectors:


Recyling is important for us as individuals, and a collective. Not only does recycling help keep our planet more sustainable, but it can also be an effective way of generating income.

And an important part of waste management is identifying which waste can be recycled and how to recycle it. Averda recycles plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, wood and glass.

Organic and food material sorted out of the waste stream could be used to produce energy from waste and eventually produce a rich organic compost for farmer’s land soil enrichment

Examples of recycling we do

Compositing: 70% of total food waste and green materials can be recovered. Compost is delivered in usable bags to vendors and can also be converted into electricity or methane-rich biogas to create electricity, heat or fuel.

Refuse Directed Fuel (RDF): residual waste can also be converted into fuel. RDF can be used to power on-site machinery such as power plants, cement kilns, industry boilers, and even gasification facilities.