Averda is a leading company in South African waste management and specialists in the following sectors:

Pipe CCTV Inspection

Condition assessment

Inspection range from 100mm to 1200mm

Using CCTV and laser technology, the following services are offered:

pipeline inspections;

  • sewers and outfall inspections;
  • laser inspections with dimensional measurement;
  • storm water and tunnel inspections;
  • boreholes;
  • water mains inspections;
  • hazardous lines (explosive) inspections;
  • mine shaft inspections;
  • turbine and steam lines at power stations;
  • retrieval of foreign objects;
  • the causes of sinkholes; and
  • house connection inspections


Pipe inspection

Multi Sensor Inspection

In large diameter pipelines, the flow levels, speed and long distances between manholes, prevent conventional CCTV camera systems from being effective in defect reporting.

By contrast the Multi Sensor Inspection System floats on the surface and is pulled through the sewer. A 360° profile is created by utilizing HD Digital CCTV camera, laser and sonar.

  • Fast cross-sectional area calculations forDetermining flow reduction
  • Deformation measured as an out of circle percentage
  • Corrosion – loss of pipe wall can easily be ascertained
  • Silting formation assessment
  • Quantities defects, holes, or other abnormalities
  • 360° view of pipe
  • 400mm – 3000mm



Laser Pipe Profiling

Another new development is the Laser Profiler, a piece of equipment that by means of projecting a laser in the pipe gathers continuous data which can be processed and used to produce a 3-dimensional image of the pipe; and giving the ability to measure loss within the pipe displayed in various graphical reports.

The implication of this ability will revolutionize the CCTV pipe inspection industry. No longer do the somewhat ‘subjective’ observations, made by the individual CCTV operator, need to be questioned or motivated. With the Laser Profiler as a tool, Sight Lines can accurately measure the internal diameter (I.D) of infrastructure. This can be analysed in individual frames captured or as a constant video stream, providing very accurate empirical data on;

  • Pipe size
  • Ovality
  • Deformation
  • Joint alignment
  • Debris / Fatty Deposits (grease) and other deposits
  • Capacity / Flows
  • Corrosion / Erosion
  • Encrustation
  • Lateral protrusion
  • Surface damage and other structural abnormalities

CCTV pipe inspection Analysis & Maintenance

  • Mass data collection using state of the art, in-house developed pipe management software, with customized reporting to clients’ needs
  • Mapping of pipelines onto GIS packages of buried assets
  • Structural and maintenance reporting, pipe profiles
  • Our Proactive Pipe Management software assists the client in the decision-making process and analysis of the infrastructure, resulting in massive time and cost savings.




Pipe Cleaning and Maintenance

Pipeline cleaning using high pressure water jetting with vacuum capabilities to remove debris from pipeline

Vacuum of hazardous materials, wet and dry

High Pressure Jetting

Conventional jetting, with pressures up to 200bar, and 5000lt water reservoir.

  • 75mm – 225mm


High Pressure Jetting

The high pressure / vacuum combination allows for high performance pipe cleaning. Effective for unblocking and debris removal from pipes.

  • 305lt / min @ 170bar
  • 100mm – 1050mm


Vacuum, Sump / Pit