Averda is a leading company in South African waste management and specialists in the following sectors:

Landfill Management

Our promise? First do no harm. Our primary goal is Zero To Landfill. This is not just an environmental dream – it also makes good business sense. But unfortunately, some waste cannot be recycled. When sending waste to a landfill, we first identify which landfill will be most appropriate and if the current landfills aren’t adequate, we build a new one that is.

Potential landfill areas are identified and evaluated according to strict criteria such as locality, environmental sensitivity and job creation. Designing the landfill is a highly specialised practise and meticulous plans are created. All legislation is – obviously – in place, as landfills can be environmentally sensitive set ups. Once plans have been approved, we start to construct. This also includes the creation of auxiliary facilities such as roads, bridges, truck-washing stations and the necessary offices and infrastructure.

The landfills are therefore built, managed and cleared by Averda – ensuring that we have full control over the entire process and that we can offer clients the peace of mind knowing that their waste is under control.

Environmental monitoring ensures that your landfill is run efficiently: from sampling to statistics, to noise and odour, we make sure that everything is managed under one system. Once at the landfill, the waste that we have not been able to recycle must be treated in accordance with the Bill.