Averda is a leading company in South African waste management and specialists in the following sectors:


Averda is a national leader in the safe collection, transport and treatment of infectious, pathological, sharps and pharmaceutical waste streams. We offer a range of burn and non-burn technology for destruction and treatment solutions at Averda’s owned and operated facilities to satisfy both your regulatory demands and the rigorous legislative requirements associated with this waste stream. Our duty of care extends to our clients’ and our staff from the moment of collection to final treatment or destruction.


Averda TruTrak – our innovative, first-to-market tracking system for healthcare risk waste

Introducing Averda TruTrak, a first-to-market tracking system which enhances transparency, oversight, accuracy and efficiency in the management of healthcare risk waste.

This innovative tracking system will ensure:

  • Notification ahead of waste collection through proactive communication
  • Automated full record keeping through electronic tags on waste containers
  • An online dashboard with real time data
  • Portal allowing access to documentation such as waste reports, delivery notes and invoices
  • Greater security through smart video telematics monitoring and alert systems such as route discrepancies and bad driving.