Averda is a leading company in South African waste management and specialists in the following sectors:


The collection of waste is a more specialised service than you may realise. And it’s done in a variety of ways. In the initial set up we liaise with the client to formalise a schedule. As a company that runs twenty-four hours a day, we are able to collect at any time. And your schedule is important to us – clients could require door-to- door collection, might need waste sorted on- or off-site, or debris needs to be bagged and recorded according to various government regulations. Whatever your needs – we’ll come up with a solution that suits you.

Bin collection is important, but it shouldn’t interrupt your daily schedule. We ensure that the right bins, receptacles and storage facilities are provided to you in the right places.

Food and free waste is cordoned off in odour-free containers or a specially designed composting facility, while hazardous waste is treated with the necessary respect and care.

What do we offer?  Scheduled and on-demand collection, door-to-door collections, event collection – catering for a high flow of visitors in a short amount of time, bin-washing on site using specialist equipment with a recycling system for waste water; and confidential document collection and shredding.